Co-create Creativity is wants to collect everyone's input - let's co-create this campaign that belongs to each of us!
Get involved

Get Your Feet In

We would love to share with you all our new attempts and leave you a warm comfy seat for all our new activities.


Something to Share?

Everyone has their story; be it a failure, a success, a disappointment, or a hope. Not everyone fights; some freeze, some flight. Each of these stories adds color to the fabric of our city. We are ready to hear yours.


Focus Group

We provide a ground for collaboration for different minds. Join us and let’s put our heads together to create new experiences through filmmaking, games, website… you name it


Calling For Venue

Show our documentary in your space to spread the campaign! Any location – café, bookshop, pub, gallery, campus, theatre, studio, outdoor space, tea house – would do!



We have run a number of collaborative screenings and workshops with groups and organisations. If you run your own workshops, let us know and we will double the fun!


Ideas Welcomed!

Any untested ideas at the back of your mind? Speak to us and we will try it out!



Impact Study

We are no expert, but we would like to create real impact. If you are familiar with questionnaire design, impact surveys and other relevant measurements, come and improve our campaign with us!


Media Coverage

Not a production house. Not exactly a non-profit.  Neither a company nor an education institution. So what are we? You are more than welcome to interview us and define us in your whimsical ways!