A 25-minute Short Documentary + Discussion

Creativity is is an initiative that began with a short form documentary about the many sides of creativity.

We have held screenings in collaboration with a number of fabulous individuals on the panel, with  striking interesting discussions in unusual spaces.

A DIY film

An online journey-based game? An interactive documentary? A new version of Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Coming to the second year of this initiative, we present to you Create Your Own where viewers may traverse their own path in this 12 minutes journey to explore and reflect on what creativity means to them.

A Series of Experimental Events

Action speaks louder than words! With the joint effort of the 6 speakers in the documentary (an inventor, an entrepreneur, a psychologist, a designer, an environmental activist and a yoga teacher) we proudly present a series of activities to unleash your creativity.

We are gathering ideas for the expansion of this series, activating participants to tap into their creative selves and connect it to their everyday lives.

Hong Kong Stories

Every act is a story itself and our stories make us who we are.

Be it a happy and passionate or tormenting and struggling story – at work, in relationships, or emotionally – these stories are the very evidence of your complex creative way of life.

We are collecting stories from everywhere! Contact us if you would like to make a record of who you are today.


We know that there are people silently putting in a lot of effort for this city, but  scattered across the city.

There is just so much potential for synergy – let’s meet and find out!